02 July 2011


Hiyeah there!! I'm sorry I haven't updated my page lately, I was so busy.. And still getting more busy in this upcoming days. But still, I thank you for dropping by in my page..

By the way, I have something to share to you. I just heard this song this morning and I din't know the title yet I've searched it.. Haha, lol.. As I got in to the taxi this song has been played, I liked it. Well, I don't know if you like this one too but still let me share it to you..^_^

I remembered someone while listening to this song, a past who played violent sweet in my life. That was like I was asking " Drown me in Love " .Well, we all do have past yet it's up to us how we handle it. Past taught us to be better, and we call that experience. I am happy, with the experiences I have, family, friends and status now..

So, what's your bitter sweet experience? ^_^ nah! just kidding in asking..LOL

♫♪I miss the sound of your voice♪♫
♪♪The loudest thing in my head♪♪
♫And I ache to remember all the violent sweet perfect words that you said♫

♪Sing Shalala..♪


27 June 2011


Its been years since I graduated and got busy right after the graduation. I came from boys school and belonged to a special class ( nearly losing screws in each heads ^_^..) This day was quite a coincidence because my few colleague had arrived from work ( outside Phil ). And my other colleague will be leaving Philippines tomorrow. It felt sad because this is the kind of life we have, we usually come and go. T_T

This day was nice not because they've treated me lunch and dinner but we did talked a lot. We laugh as we did before, mentioned previous jokes and teased, mentioned bad deeds ( haha : D ). For years of not seeing, having a day is like having a minute of time. 

Cherish every moment you have with your friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, and family. Time is the most valuable thing in the world.

People come and go, but the bond you've shared remains. Cheers!!

I'm sorry I haven't updated my page lately, it was because I was so busy lately until now. I'm just having a break and post for you guys. Hope you like it ^_^.


21 June 2011


I am now already halfway in my 1 week vacay and it seems times flies twice fast from normal fly time, I dunno but it's what I am feeling right now. I went home last week here in our province to think of something ( decisions, career, upcoming plans, what had happened during my vacation and of this questions: IF? WHAT? and WHEN? ). A lot of unexpected things happened yet I was so happy.

Take it as a dream. From the beginning I showed up and the time I disappear was a dream too. If it was, I wouldn't feel sad at all. Forget all of it. Just take it as a DREAM.”

- Gumiho

I just remembered this quote when I was thinking of those unexpected things, so hard to think yet all I have to do is choose. Learn or Lose.

I was searching for solitude for my entire stay here in our province so yesterday I grab my bike and took a ride to the beach. Seeing the environment made me feel at ease. I rode, I stopped, I watched, I thought of my life.

People counts as of thousand grain of sands as well as time. The sincerity of being a solitary is found one of those grain. And to that grain, many things are easy to explain and a lot of unexplainable things. Its the fact that all what happened are unplanned and what happened after is based from our choices. I found myself on track and I am now waiting for future happiness and disappointments.

It feels good giving yourself a time to think. I felt prepared now to continue. Hahahahha :D. lolz..

For the readers: You should try it sometimes. ^_^


15 June 2011


Hell yeah!!^_^

People come and go, also, feelings do.. Yet, why should we frown? Keep smiling for the world looks brighter if we smile and it is an expensive way to change your looks. Fall, Get up and Smile.

Party-party... Lols, not party-party..just kidding ^_^..hahahaha

So start your day with a smile everytime you wake up. REMEMBER: A day without a smile is a lost day, so wear it .Someone might fall for you if you smile.. Who knows? hahahha.. :p


13 June 2011


I was browsing a while ago with a heavy broken heart with me with its pieces keeps on falling.. Dang!! hate this feeling.. Haha..!! Well, anyway, I found a quote that shots me BANG direct to my head. I hope you will not mind reader if I let you read this quote also..^_^

No more crying, I can't cry anymore. Don't take my hand this time. Just go please and don't look back, because I know if you did, I'd come running back to you and I can't do that.
and this one:
 I'm glad you're happy. I can't say that I'm completely happy for you but I guess that's just a part of life, I'll always have feelings for you but the rest of the world is forcing me to move on.

 Funny isn't it?^_^..yet all I wan't to say is OUCH!! I'm sorry to let this one out here, It's just this page is my friend.. And so are you ♥_♥.. Now, I feel better spitting it out here.. And hey! today is 13th, this is what I loved about this date..lol.. Cheers ^_^..!!

SSSS***********..I'm falling to pieces, yeah.. I'm falling to pieces.. lalala..lala..  ♪♫singing♫♪
I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing..♫...



It's been almost 23 years since I said Hi to this world. I loved, I lost love. I laugh, I cried. I smiled, I frowned. I rejoiced, I suffered. I failed, I succeed. Now, I am still undergoing those things. Life is bitter sweet. It's what I liked about life. Haha (lol)!.. Do you know what's crazy when it comes to my life? Its when I start to like some or I want to be with someone yet time forbids me to be with that person. :D.. Settings like this is not new to me in fact I'm used to it. Hehe!  Cheers ^_^..!!!



Life is a constant battle for survival and as we grow older, the rules change on daily basis. Our mission is not to escape but to survive. Not to deal with triumph but to deal with failure. Not to run away from fear but to master it. It takes courage to keep fighting. So, if you feel the rules has shifted one step higher, deal it with greater faith and never ever surrender. GOD is our strength.

Happy Reading ^_^ !