21 June 2011


I am now already halfway in my 1 week vacay and it seems times flies twice fast from normal fly time, I dunno but it's what I am feeling right now. I went home last week here in our province to think of something ( decisions, career, upcoming plans, what had happened during my vacation and of this questions: IF? WHAT? and WHEN? ). A lot of unexpected things happened yet I was so happy.

Take it as a dream. From the beginning I showed up and the time I disappear was a dream too. If it was, I wouldn't feel sad at all. Forget all of it. Just take it as a DREAM.”

- Gumiho

I just remembered this quote when I was thinking of those unexpected things, so hard to think yet all I have to do is choose. Learn or Lose.

I was searching for solitude for my entire stay here in our province so yesterday I grab my bike and took a ride to the beach. Seeing the environment made me feel at ease. I rode, I stopped, I watched, I thought of my life.

People counts as of thousand grain of sands as well as time. The sincerity of being a solitary is found one of those grain. And to that grain, many things are easy to explain and a lot of unexplainable things. Its the fact that all what happened are unplanned and what happened after is based from our choices. I found myself on track and I am now waiting for future happiness and disappointments.

It feels good giving yourself a time to think. I felt prepared now to continue. Hahahahha :D. lolz..

For the readers: You should try it sometimes. ^_^



  1. that's the best thing we could do... giving ourselves some time to ponder on things and appreciate what is around...it relaxes our mind:) it can help us to come up with a better decisions and plans...
    i do that all the time when I'm down and confused. More than the nature is the old place, i think, to remind us of what we want in life.
    stay happy :)

  2. "Me-Time" it is! :) I love this quote: "I am now waiting for future happiness and disappointments."

  3. Great place to spend time with yourself and think about everything (all aspects in life). Nice photos btw.


  4. Hello! :) first time on your page and I am your new follower. Hope you will visit and follow my page. :)

    Regarding your post this quote is from my new post: "Solitude is necessary to secure peace of mind." This is such a great post that even single (not married) do :)

    Have a great day!


  5. @Tim: ^_^Yep..This is all we need, we are always young when we are in our solitary moment. Our mind is sharp as sword.

    @Happy: Aja!! Happy Beans..^_^

    @Ellen: ^_^Yeah.!Its been a while since I've did it..You're doing it too Ellen?

    @Kim: Yep.!In solitude we find peace of mind. Only in quiet waters do thing mirror themselves undistorted. Aish!! :( its sad sometimes though.. :) Anyways, I've visited your page and followed you back^_^Kim..

  6. Wow! Masubukan nga yan minsan. Pero parang lagi naman. hahaha!! kasi emotera nga ako eh :D ingat!

  7. I think that's a great idea.
    Just need some time to think about everything.
    You just sitting and have time for yourself.
    What a lovely blog.
    Xx Liefs

  8. @ EMOTERA: haha! cool yan emotera, having a date with your bike.. stroll2 lang..^_^

    @ Mell: I visited your page, frankly, I was confused at first coz everything I saw there is in Dutch language.. Haha :D. But I felt relief when I continued to scroll down and there is English too.. ^_^
    nice post..

  9. Haha, i didn't saw that you post a comment for me here.
    I want to thank you for visiting me again.
    Why did i made you think and about what?
    Xx liefs

  10. stop take a deep breath and think hows your life have been