02 July 2011


Hiyeah there!! I'm sorry I haven't updated my page lately, I was so busy.. And still getting more busy in this upcoming days. But still, I thank you for dropping by in my page..

By the way, I have something to share to you. I just heard this song this morning and I din't know the title yet I've searched it.. Haha, lol.. As I got in to the taxi this song has been played, I liked it. Well, I don't know if you like this one too but still let me share it to you..^_^

I remembered someone while listening to this song, a past who played violent sweet in my life. That was like I was asking " Drown me in Love " .Well, we all do have past yet it's up to us how we handle it. Past taught us to be better, and we call that experience. I am happy, with the experiences I have, family, friends and status now..

So, what's your bitter sweet experience? ^_^ nah! just kidding in asking..LOL

♫♪I miss the sound of your voice♪♫
♪♪The loudest thing in my head♪♪
♫And I ache to remember all the violent sweet perfect words that you said♫

♪Sing Shalala..♪



  1. Nice song. True, that our past makes us a better person but moving forward is what we must do to live a sweet better life and not sweet-bitter life. :) Have a great day!

  2. ^_^ thanks for dropping by Jool.. No matter what life is, what's important is that we choose to be happy.. :) 'v a nice day..

  3. you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  4. Beautiful song! following you too dear! thanks for following me! xx Joice

  5. Neat post... wanna follow each other =)