13 January 2014


2014. Another year for us to grow, I am pretty sure everybody has done already their status updates (laughs! :D coz I am so late in updating). Well anyway, how have you been? ;) how's your first month of the year is going? have you thanked God for the previous year?

New Year, new resolution to make. I hope you are not going in circles with your resolutions. New diet? (hahaha :D) well, uhm, we can talk about it. There's always an exemption sometimes :D LOL.

For this year, are you ready to beat this year with remarkable happenings and memories? ^_^ I hope you do. I found myself stagnant with almost a year with a little productivity. I did not know why I was like that, but trying to think about it now, maybe because I was trying to find myself where will I suit. Doing the things I want together with sudden shift of fate. It helped me a lot, being idle for a short time. I have plotted my way where to go, and now I am starting to live with it. I hope you guys too are firm with your plans ;). Often we forget about it, that we are going in circles again. Chill, take a break! dream, believe, survive! hahaha :D
Take time to make a pause, review yourself: What to do? Where to begin? Risk? Hon your heart to become more braver than before, fix it if it's broken, cry if it needs to and get back to smile :)

Having a heart full of hope, willing to step in a new journey to face variety of sadness and happiness ^_^ I am pretty sure it will be worth for a ride. So, embrace it for it is the time we grow. If you can't handle the pressure, KNEEL and PRAY ^_^.