14 September 2017


Do you have REGRETS in your life? If given a chance to turn back time, would you grab that chance?

We all have different experiences in life that we might have said how I wish it was like this. Thinking about the memories of that moment makes us felt regret sometimes. Isn't it? 

Looking at the bright side of our life, we have so much to thank for. Waking up each day is a gift that we should be thankful to God. What you have that others don't have is something you should be thankful. Take time to look around, you can say you have plenty. When you feel that, whisper "THANK YOU LORD FOR THE GIFT OF LIFE". 

You might not have a lover or a goal not yet achieved, knowing that you are there where you are right now, that means you're alive and focused. This is LIFE, it is an adventure that every memories that we've been through and we are about to face is an exciting piece of life. We fall, we fight, we grow. We become strong and humble. 

Everything happens for a reason, we should not regret any of our downs in life. It happened and we should be thankful because if it isn't for that then you are not there where you are right now ^_^

Take a pause, close your eyes and say THANK YOU ~

I hope you had a good time reading my post ~ cheers and cheer up ;)

09 September 2017


For my first update lemme write for the word "DECISION". Uhm~uhm~ because it was a tough day today haha LOLz :))

From time to time we decide what we will do (today, tomorrow, next day) and what we want to do (now and later). Often, we get confuse what we really want to do.

Lemme ask you haha :)) What do you want in life (love life ~ okay included LOLz)? How do you view your life 3, 5, 7 years from now? Finally, what are you doing now?

There you go! you have your answer =P

Will you choose to cheat with your decision by your REASONS or will you put your decision in your shoulder to be your responsibility?

OR will you choose me? LOL XD <--- this question not included :))

I hope you had a good time reading my short post ~ cheers :)


Uhm~ I know that it has been quite a while that I have not updated my blog but really I missed it a lot. I was trying to remember the password that I made ~

Like (l..o..a..d..i..n..g........ and boom! NO WAY signed in! Wuuuutt?..) well, anyway that feeling. LOL 100%

A friend reminded me to dig this blog up and there TADA! Alive again.. LOL.
Thanks btw ;) and to the other friend thanks also <3 I've missed you~bigtime..

Will I write again? Y....e.....s haha LOL I'll do my best for you guys~

Thanks for reading my drama comeback ~ cheers!

13 January 2014


2014. Another year for us to grow, I am pretty sure everybody has done already their status updates (laughs! :D coz I am so late in updating). Well anyway, how have you been? ;) how's your first month of the year is going? have you thanked God for the previous year?

New Year, new resolution to make. I hope you are not going in circles with your resolutions. New diet? (hahaha :D) well, uhm, we can talk about it. There's always an exemption sometimes :D LOL.

For this year, are you ready to beat this year with remarkable happenings and memories? ^_^ I hope you do. I found myself stagnant with almost a year with a little productivity. I did not know why I was like that, but trying to think about it now, maybe because I was trying to find myself where will I suit. Doing the things I want together with sudden shift of fate. It helped me a lot, being idle for a short time. I have plotted my way where to go, and now I am starting to live with it. I hope you guys too are firm with your plans ;). Often we forget about it, that we are going in circles again. Chill, take a break! dream, believe, survive! hahaha :D
Take time to make a pause, review yourself: What to do? Where to begin? Risk? Hon your heart to become more braver than before, fix it if it's broken, cry if it needs to and get back to smile :)

Having a heart full of hope, willing to step in a new journey to face variety of sadness and happiness ^_^ I am pretty sure it will be worth for a ride. So, embrace it for it is the time we grow. If you can't handle the pressure, KNEEL and PRAY ^_^.


26 November 2013


People often complain to the things that is not he/she wanted to happen. Why is that? Have you thought of it that it is you who made it? We often don't see those things, that we made our own destiny with the choice we chose. I often see people in social media sites complaining about their i.e LOVE LIFE asking "Where is Mr/Ms.Right?". Is it really the right question to ask for? It's something worth to be think of.

God had already given us everything we asked for, it's only for us to take a pause and see things for us to have. We are often blinded to earthly things, lustful emotions, physical status, appearance and denials (the mind speaks that everything you think of are right). All of it are camouflage of lies, why not take time to listen to your heart and decide with your brain? The decision you will make, surely the one worth risking for.

Being happy is a choice, being lonely is a choice, being bitter is a choice, everything in life is a choice. So do you still want yourself to be lonely, bitter, or you will choose to be happy? When you want something, it always starts with yourself. Ask, what is it you want? Focus, take a risk. How will you know that it is success if you don't even have taken one step forward. Don't live your life full of regrets, live it to the fullest.

Everything is a CHOICE ;)

Happy reading!

20 November 2013


Wooaaaahh!! Its been a while since I have visited this page. :) So happy!

Hello there guys! :3 Uhm, I do not have something special for you coz I am not prepared. I'm sorry guys :( but I hope you will like the short thought on what's on my mind.

"The wisest move to do that a man/woman should do is to move forward, leaving behind unnecessary loads of hate and anger, being happy with the things he/she achieves. When you're at the top, have you tried to looked back? ^_^ Tell me, did you felt the happiness within you?"

You said to yourself, "Its been a while isn't it?" :)

Happy Reading! Good day guys ;)

02 July 2011


Hiyeah there!! I'm sorry I haven't updated my page lately, I was so busy.. And still getting more busy in this upcoming days. But still, I thank you for dropping by in my page..

By the way, I have something to share to you. I just heard this song this morning and I din't know the title yet I've searched it.. Haha, lol.. As I got in to the taxi this song has been played, I liked it. Well, I don't know if you like this one too but still let me share it to you..^_^

I remembered someone while listening to this song, a past who played violent sweet in my life. That was like I was asking " Drown me in Love " .Well, we all do have past yet it's up to us how we handle it. Past taught us to be better, and we call that experience. I am happy, with the experiences I have, family, friends and status now..

So, what's your bitter sweet experience? ^_^ nah! just kidding in asking..LOL

♫♪I miss the sound of your voice♪♫
♪♪The loudest thing in my head♪♪
♫And I ache to remember all the violent sweet perfect words that you said♫

♪Sing Shalala..♪