26 November 2013


People often complain to the things that is not he/she wanted to happen. Why is that? Have you thought of it that it is you who made it? We often don't see those things, that we made our own destiny with the choice we chose. I often see people in social media sites complaining about their i.e LOVE LIFE asking "Where is Mr/Ms.Right?". Is it really the right question to ask for? It's something worth to be think of.

God had already given us everything we asked for, it's only for us to take a pause and see things for us to have. We are often blinded to earthly things, lustful emotions, physical status, appearance and denials (the mind speaks that everything you think of are right). All of it are camouflage of lies, why not take time to listen to your heart and decide with your brain? The decision you will make, surely the one worth risking for.

Being happy is a choice, being lonely is a choice, being bitter is a choice, everything in life is a choice. So do you still want yourself to be lonely, bitter, or you will choose to be happy? When you want something, it always starts with yourself. Ask, what is it you want? Focus, take a risk. How will you know that it is success if you don't even have taken one step forward. Don't live your life full of regrets, live it to the fullest.

Everything is a CHOICE ;)

Happy reading!


  1. ouch! likay ko ky naigo ko..hahaha but yep everything is a choice.. choose to continue to live and fight until your last breath :)